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July 10 2015

Red Path (2015) 7min

"Red Path premiered at the Unmentionables Film Festival in New York, a festival dedicated to breaking taboos and this first year the taboo was menstruation.   I truly believe that we can change the world if we change, each one of us. Us, women, have a really powerful tool for this change, our menstrual cycle. If we all re-connect to the real meaning of being a birth giver, not only of children, which is a lot, but birth givers of a new generation of conscious human beings, of new ways of relationships with other and nature, if we wake up to our own power, we can be the key for this change. We all are co-creators of what we want for us and for all, and for the next generations."   - Myriam Negre (statement from the filmmaker) www.myriamnegre.com

July 09 2015

Did you get a chance to see anyone with a tattoo like this?

semicolon tattoo meaning 1

If you didn’t, maybe you just didn’t pay close attention. Because they’re popping up…

semicolon tattoo meaning 2

Literally everywhere

semicolon tattoo meaning 3

You heard us, the semicolon, this small tattoo gained popularity in recent years, but unlike other random or mysterious trends that pop up, this one has a serious meaning behind it

semicolon tattoo meaning 4

This tattoo represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention

The Semicolon project was created from a social media movement in 2013, they are described as a ” movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage love and inspire”

OK, that cool. But why a semicolon?

” A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. ”

Originally this was only one day where people were encouraged to draw a semicolon on their bodies and photograph it, but it grew from there and became much bigger and permanent. Today, people from all over the world are tattooing this mark as a reminder of their struggle, victory, and survival.

semicolon tattoo meaning 5

semicolon tattoo meaning 6

The Semicolon Tattoo Project which is an organization that was inspired by the semicolon movement is trying to reduce the stigma around mental illness. In 2012 over 43 million Americans dealt with a mental illness. It’s really not that uncommon yet because of the stigma around it many people don’t talk about it and that’s the barrier to getting help.

” The tattoo is a conversation starter ” Jenn from the project explains, ” People ask what it is and we get to tell them the purpose. I think if you see someone’s tattoo that you’re interested in, that’s fair game to start a conversation with someone you don’t know, it provides a great opportunity to talk. Tattoos are interesting, marks we put on our bodies that are important to us ”

semicolon tattoo meaning 7

Last year The Semicolon Tattoo Project held an event with several tattoo shops where people could get the semicolon tattoo for a flat fee. That money was a fundraiser for the crisis center and over 400 people did the semicolon tattoo in one day.

So next time you see this small punctuation tattoo, remember this story, and have a clue :)

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July 08 2015

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July 05 2015

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I am impressed that a whole trilogy can fail the Bechdel test.
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July 04 2015

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June 25 2015

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
— Solomon Ibn Gabirol
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June 24 2015

23 Emotions people feel, but can’t explain

from iheartintelligence.com (via lovedbythesavior):

  1. Sonder: The realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own.
  2. Opia: The ambiguous intensity of Looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.
  3. Monachopsis: The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.
  4. Énouement: The bittersweetness of having arrived in the future, seeing how things turn out, but not being able to tell your past self.
  5. Vellichor: The strange wistfulness of used bookshops.
  6. Rubatosis: The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.
  7. Kenopsia: The eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet.
  8. Mauerbauertraurigkeit: The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.
  9. Jouska: A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.
  10. Chrysalism: The amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.
  11. Vemödalen: The frustration of photographic something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist.
  12. Anecdoche: A conversation in which everyone is talking, but nobody is listening
  13. Ellipsism: A sadness that you’ll never be able to know how history will turn out.
  14. Kuebiko: A state of exhaustion inspired by acts of senseless violence.
  15. Lachesism: The desire to be struck by disaster – to survive a plane crash, or to lose everything in a fire.
  16. Exulansis: The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.
  17. Adronitis: Frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone.
  18. Rückkehrunruhe: The feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness.
  19. Nodus Tollens: The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.
  20. Onism: The frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time.
  21. Liberosis: The desire to care less about things.
  22. Altschmerz: Weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had – the same boring flaws and anxieties that you’ve been gnawing on for years.
  23. Occhiolism: The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.
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June 18 2015

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Girl buried with a crown of ceramic flowers. Patras, 300-400 B.C. From the Museum of Patras.

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June 07 2015

Reparieren statt konsumieren: Im Repair Café

Kaf­fee trin­ken und dabei den Com­pu­ter selbst repa­rie­ren. Klingt, als könnte man in einem Repair Café gleich meh­rere Flie­gen mit einer Klappe schla­gen: Spaß haben, krea­tiv sein und was Gutes für Umwelt sowie Geld­beu­tel tun… Ein Inter­view mit Man­fred Timpe vom Ham­bur­ger Repair Café.
Inter­es­sante Repair-Café-Links:

Bei­trag von Mar­tine Postma in der taz: http://bit.ly/1hz5cnU
Haus­Drei in Ham­burg: www-haus-drei.de
Home­page der Repair Café Com­mu­nity http://repaircafe.org/de/
Repair Café Hamburg-Sasel: http://www.repaircafe-sasel.de/
Repair Café Mün­chen: http://bit.ly/1fqum7p
Repair Café Hamburg-Bergedorf: http://bit.ly/QESiLP
Repair Café Ber­lin: http://bit.ly/1gw9Y7j
Repair Café Köln: http://dingfabrik.de/repaircafe/
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